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My surveyor keeps referring to me as ‘my appointing owner’ and not my client.

Because the primary role of the party wall surveyor is to ensure that the terms of the Act are complied with rather than to act on behalf of a client, surveyors’ protocol is to refer to the owner that appointed them as ‘my appointing owner’ or ‘my owner’.

The building owners’ surveyor and the adjoining owner’s surveyor cannot agree

At the very outset, both the building owner’s and adjoining owner’s surveyor will agree upon a ‘third surveyor’. The third surveyor will be an experienced party wall practitioner who the surveyors agree they will refer any dispute to for arbitration and adjudication.  In such a circumstance, the third surveyor will make a binding ruling and […]

I want to sack my surveyor

It is not possible under the terms of the Party Wall etc Act to sack your surveyor.  A surveyor can only cease to act if he deems himself or is deemed incapable of acting.  It would be essential to obtain, wherever possible, written confirmation that your surveyor is unable to act.

My neighbour is moving.

A Party Wall Award is a personal document between owners of properties.  If the adjoining owner moves then it will be necessary for the Award to be reissued with the name of the new owner.

My neighbour has appointed a surveyor but he will not respond to my or my surveyor’s letters or phone calls.

The Act requires a surveyor to respond within ten days of a request being made upon him.  If a surveyor fails to respond within that time period then the other surveyor is permitted to proceed on an ex-parte basis.